Young Squad – for the Young and Young at Heart

“Handmade is something you do from start to finish. Because you are the one that’s sewing it, there’s a lot more love and connection to each piece of swimwear you create” – Linda Aitken

It’s hard to find swimwear when you become a bit older, that isn’t ridiculously high cut, just really plain, or cater for these body conscious areas like the ‘mum tum.’

The Starting Point

I remember it was June 2014 when I started designing these unique prints in photoshop one day. I had an idea to have them printed and made into Swimwear.

At the time there weren’t many brands locally printing and hand sewing swimwear. We became popular;  I hired a few more high end seamstresses to join the team as more and more customers grew to know, like and trust our brand.

We hand make and print all our swimwear and custom pieces on the Gold Coast. Our fabric accessories are from the Gold Coast, our premium recycled fabric is made in Italy and supplied through our long term Brisbane Supplier.

Why people love our brand

When people buy our swimwear, we get a lot of messages after their purchase saying ‘’I love it, it’s stunning or I feel so good in it.”

It’s because there are so many people, including myself, that feel okay about our bodies but recognise that there are these troublesome areas.

They feel a bit self conscious; big bums and tummies, especially in swimwear they feel like they want to cover up or don’t want to go out unless they’re covered all over.

Our brand is about designing quality swimwear to be flattering and fun, despite problem areas. You look good, it fits nicely and flatters different areas. It just makes you feel better about yourself.

For example, one of BEST SELLERS is our Womens one piece swimsuit that hides the ‘Mum Tum’! It feels comfortable and you can go to the beach and not feel totally self conscious!

Kids Swimwear

There’s not a lot of brands who make kids 8-14yrs swimwear, let alone eco-friendly locally handmade.

We make 8-14yrs swimwear because I have a 12 year old daughter. I know it’s important for her to feel her age whether it be 10, 12 or 14yrs. A lot of bikini shapes and colours is probably still not quite age appropriate for her.

Our Girls Long Sleeve One Piece for 8-14yrs has been with the brand for 3 years now and still one of our most loved pieces today.

All our kids swimwear are handmade, high quality, 50+ chlorine resistant fabric.

This means that kids wear these for as long as they can fit them, and the fabric hasn’t faded, worn out or become stretched in the wash.

Our brand is very sunsmart conscious. Kids don’t realise how easy it is, how very little amount of time you need in the sun before you get burnt.

To appeal to the young ones we design limited edition, fun and bright prints like Iced Volvos, Tiny Teddies and Biscuits!

Most importantly our price point is far more affordable at $58 than what is currently on the market, for the same handmade (non recycled swimwear) for $60-$120. 


The quality and sheer comfortability of them are out of this world! Even after dozen of wears and washes, they still look brand new! I also love the various prints and designs that are available. Unique, standout pieces that receive comments wherever I go! – Marayna – mum of 2, South Australia


Uniquely Designed Swimwear

What makes our swimwear special

Each piece is handmade by professionals in our team; someone who is a mum, who is our age and knows exactly what needs hiding, what makes a flattering shape and cut.

Each piece is crafted so you feel sexy without having feeling self conscious.

Currently swimwear for mothers or women in the early 40’s are daggy, almost grandmary and come in plain block colours. Our unique prints are bright, bold, and fun.

We offer something that other brands don’t;

Not only do we make high quality, recycled swimwear with unique prints, we also receive custom orders because we are small scale and locally produced.”

For example: I can cater for those who need a size 10 top and size 12 bottom, or we recently altered a one piece swimwear that was a bit tight around the thighs, now it’s a perfect fit specifically for that customer’s body shape

You can send us a custom made enquiry here.

I love my Young Squad bathers. They’re so well made and made to last. The women’s one piece is very flattering, it has gathering around the tummy which makes me feel so confident, especially when hiding my ‘mum tum’. I love the fabric that Linda chooses for her swimwear, such unique designs and bright colours. I wear mine to swimming lessons with my children every week and after a year or wear, they’re still looking as good as when I first got them! – Kirsty Mum of 2, Brisbane



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